SWIFT - 3d model to simulate groundwater flow, heat, brine and radionuclide transport

SWIFT Categories: flow models - pathlines/capture zones, fractured systems models, heat transport, saltwater intrusion models, solute transport models - saturated zone

SWIFT Overview

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SWIFT is a fully-transient, three-dimensional model to simulate groundwater flow, heat (energy), brine and radionuclide transport in porous and fractured geologic media. The primary equations for fluid (flow), heat and brine are coupled by fluid density, viscosity and porosity. In addition to transient analysis, SWIFT offers a steady-state option for coupled flow and brine. The equations are solved using central or backward spatial and time weighting approximations by the finite-difference method. In addition to Cartesian, cylindrical grids may be used. Contaminant transport includes advection, dispersion, sorption and decay, including chains of constituents. Both dual-porosity and discrete-fracture representations along with rock matrix interactions may be simulated. The nonlinearities resulting from water table and variable density are solved iteratively.


SWIFT Overview
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