SWIMv1/SWIMv2 - soil water infiltration and movement model - simulate soil water balances

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SWIMv1/SWIMv2 Overview

SWIMv1 (Soil Water Infiltration and Movement model version 1) is a software package for simulating water infiltration and movement in soils. SWIMv1 consists of a menu-driven suite of three programs that allow the user to simulate soil water balances using numerical solutions of the basic soil water flow equations. As in the real world, SWIMv1 allows addition of water to the system as precipitation and removal by runoff, drainage, evaporation from the soil surface and transpiration by vegetation. SWIMv1 helps researchers and consultants understand the soil water balance so they can assess possible effects of such practices as tree clearing, strip mining and irrigation management. SWIMv1 is valuable for scientists and consultants involved in land planning and land management. For example, if a development is being considered which involves tree clearing, SWIMv1 can be used to indicate salinity or surface runoff problems that could result from a change in the soil water balance associated with the removal of the trees.

SWIMv2 (Soil Water Infiltration and Movement model version 2) is a mechanistically-based model designed to address soil water and solute balance issues associated with both production and the environmental consequences of production. SWIMv2 employs fast, numerically-efficient techniques for solving Richards' equation for water flow and the convection-dispersion equation for solute transport and is suitable for personal computer applications. The model deals with a one-dimensional vertical soil profile which may be vertically inhomogeneous but is assumed to be horizontally uniform. It can be used to simulate runoff, infiltration, redistribution, solute transport and redistribution of solutes, plant uptake and transpiration, evaporation, deep drainage and leaching.


SWIMv1/SWIMv2 Overview
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