TWODAN - 2-D analytic ground-water flow model for Windows - remediation design, capture zone analysis, and regional modeling problems

TWODAN Categories: flow models - pathlines/capture zones, flow models - saturated zone

TWODAN Overview

TWODAN is a popular and versatile analytic ground-water flow model for Windows. TWODAN has a suite of advanced analytic modeling features that allow you to model everything from a single well in a uniform flow field to complex remediation schemes with numerous wells, barriers, surface waters, and heterogeneities. In TWODAN, you will find many powerful capabilities that other 2-D models lack: heterogeneities, impermeable barriers, resistant barriers, and transient solutions, to name a few. The analytic method of TWODAN demands minimal input, and the new seamless Windows interface can be quickly mastered. As hundreds of users attest, TWODAN is a great choice for modeling remedial design alternatives, wellhead capture zones, and regional aquifer flow. With this new version, TWODAN combines advanced analytic elements with an excellent user interface. Compare TWODAN's capabilities, interface quality, and price to any competing 2-D modeling software; TWODAN is a great value. It is the best tool for most remediation design, capture zone analysis, and regional modeling problems.


TWODAN Overview
TWODAN Detailed Description

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