VLEACH - one-dimensional finite-difference vadose zone leaching model

VLEACH Categories: flow models - unsaturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone

VLEACH Overview

VLEACH, a One-Dimensional Finite-Difference Vadose Zone Leaching Model, is a U.S. EPA program which describes the movement of an organic contaminant within and between three phases: (1) as a solute dissolved in water, (2) as a gas in the vapor phase, and (3) as an adsorbed compound in the solid phase. The leaching is simulated in a number of distinct, user-defined polygons vertically divided into a series of user-defined cells. At the end of the simulation, the results from each polygon are used to determine an area-weighted ground-water impact for the modeled area. VLEACH is a computer program for estimating the impact due to the mobilization and migration of a sorbed organic contaminant located in the vadose zone on the underlying groundwater resource.

A graphical user interface for VLEACH is now available in the WHI UnSat Suite. The VLEACH model is also included.

This product is no longer commercially available. However, it can be downloaded for free on our download site.


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