WASP5/DYNHYD5 - hydrodynamic water quality analysis simulation model - variable tidal cycles, wind, and unsteady inflows

WASP5/DYNHYD5 Category: surface-water models

WASP5/DYNHYD5 Overview

WASP5, Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program, is a U.S. EPA generalized modeling framework that simulates contaminant fate in surface waters. Based on the flexible compartment modeling approach, WASP5 can by applied in one, two, or three dimensions. WASP5 is designed to permit easy substitution of user-written routines into the program structure. Problems that have been studied include biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen dynamics, nutrients, bacterial contamination and toxic chemical movement. The DYNHYD5 model is a simple hydrodynamic model that simulates variable tidal cycles, wind, and unsteady inflows. It produces an output file that can be linked with WASP5 to supply the flows and volumes to the water quality model.

This product is no longer commercially available. However, it can be downloaded for free on our download site.


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