Introduction to Watershed Modeling

Watershed Modeling is a comprehensive drainage program to determine runoffs using industry-standard techniques. Model flood control structures such as detention basins with various outlet structures. Create or import hydrographs from an ASCII file. Use actual or synthetic rainfall distributions. Import hydrographs or combine hydrographs at any point.

Watershed Modeling New Enhancements

  • Now Inside MicroStation!
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Calculate flood and routed hydrographs using the TR-20 method.
  • More reports are available with user-defined custom formatting.
  • Display flow and volume quantities in a variety of units.
  • User-defined return periods allow more flexibility for Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) curve generation.
  • A tabular rainfall entry method provides more accuracy when developing IDF curves.
  • Rainfall maps now allow you to view the rainfall intensities for the area surrounding your state.
  • Outlet structures and reservoirs can now be saved to a central library.

Watershed Modeling Scenario Manager

What drainage area contributes to a selected outfall? How much runoff occurs on your site if the 100-year flood occurs? What happens if you develop your site for commercial or residential use? Do you need a detention pond? What type of outlet structures meet the flow limits placed on you by the local government? Need to catalog your land uses? Need to automatically compute total area, weighted curve numbers and weighted runoff coefficients based on land use and watershed boundaries? With Watershed Modeling you can evaluate these and many other drainage design concerns. Watershed Modeling is tightly integrated with surface modeling to allow you to use original and design surfaces to evaluate your site.

Watershed Modeling Unit Hydrographs

Create unit hydrographs using the SCS Triangular, SCS Curvilinear, Snyder and Rational methods.

Watershed Modeling Flood Hydrographs

  • Three Rational flood hydrograph methods are available to provide you with flow versus time information.
  • Others, including the Santa Barbara Urban method, are available.
  • Import ASCII files with temporal distribution of flow if a custom method is needed.
  • Combine flood hydrographs to account for drainage areas coming together.

Watershed Modeling Storm Design

  • Storms are designed using SCS 24-hour storm distributions (Types I, IA, II, IIA and III).
  • Synthetic storms of specified duration and return periods are accounted for.
  • Input precipitation information in hyetograph format or total cumulative volume.
  • Watershed Modeling includes rainfall maps for the entire United States to help you calculate intensity duration frequency relationships.
  • Enter information from other sources using the Custom Entry Method.

Watershed Modeling Flood Hydrograph Routing

  • The Convex, Modified Att-Kin and Muskingum channel routing methods are provided to route hydrographs through channels.
  • Storage Indication and Modified Puls routing methods are available to route hydrographs through a reservoir.

Watershed Modeling Detention Ponds/Outlet Structures

  • Stage/storage curves are defined with an equation or user input data. Approximate storage volume using the linear, SCS TR-55 and Modified Rational methods.
  • Stage/discharge curves can be generated for various types of outlet structures including different types of weirs, orifices and culverts.
  • If you have a design model for a detention pond, you can automatically compute the stage/storage relationship at a defined increment. In seconds you can see the exact storage available for your pond.
  • Editing upstream data automatically updates downstream results allowing easy sensitivity analysis.

Watershed Modeling Requirements: PC Pentium with 8 MB RAM and AutoCAD R12 or higher.

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Watershed Modeling - hydrologic analysis of drainage basins - model flood control structures - hydrographs

Watershed Modeling Categories: watershed modeling, surface-water models

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