WinFlow - analytical steady-state and transient groundwater flow model - confined and unconfined aquifers

WinFlow Category: flow models - saturated zone

WinFlow Overview

WinFlow is a powerful yet easy-to-use groundwater flow model. WinFlow is similar to Geraghty & Miller's popular QuickFlow model which was developed by one of the authors of QuickFlow. WinFlow is a true Windows program incorporating a multiple document interface (MDI). WinFlow is an interactive analytical model that simulates two-dimensional steady-state and transient groundwater flow. The steady-state module in WinFlow simulates groundwater flow in a horizontal plane using analytical functions developed by Strack (1989). The transient module uses equations developed by Theis (1935) and by Hantush and Jacob (1955) for confined and leaky aquifers, respectively. Each module uses the principle of superposition to evaluate the effects from multiple analytical functions (wells, etc.) in a uniform regional flow field.

See also - WinTran. It couples the steady-state groundwater flow model from WinFlow with a contaminant transport model.

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