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WinLoG Description

Version 3 of the WinLoG program uses a Microsoft Access data management system to store borehole and project data. This data management system provides you with the ability to effectively manage your project data and interface the data with other applications. A master database is used to keep track of all the projects and directories.

WinLoG is a full 32-bit program and is compatible with Windows 95. 98, NT, and 2000. The program is fully network compatible, and there are discounts for purchasing network licenses.

There are no limits to the number and types of borehole logs that can be created with the WinLoG program. Logs can contain general borehole data, lithologic descriptions and symbols, sample data, well completion details, geophysical logs and numerous graphs and text comments.

The program comes with several easily customized templates or new templates can be easily created. Templates can be customized to display different header and footer titles, number and types of columns. A company logo, stored as a bitmap, can also be included in a template. Legends can be created and customized to show lithologic symbol, well symbol, and sample symbol definitions.

The WinLoG program has numerous features to make the creation and editing of borehole logs easier and faster. There are many new features in Version 3 and many of the existing features have been enhanced. For more information about the WinLoG program see the links below.

New Pocket WinLoG - Collect Your Borehole Log Data With A Pocket PC

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