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WinSieve can be used to quickly enter, edit and print grain size analysis charts in several standard or custom formats. Each grain size analysis test can include sieve data, washed sieve data, and hydrometer data as specified in ASTM Test Method D-422. There is no limit to the number of samples in a project and the number of tests per sample.

Each grain size analysis chart is composed of three parts: a graph, an optional legend and a header. The graphical windows interface displays the charts as they are entered and shows how the chart will look when it is printed. Test results can be printed in black and white or color.

All test results, sample and project information is stored in a Microsoft Access relational database. This database allows for the quick storage and retrieval of sample and test data and can be interfaced with a variety of other programs. There is no limit to the number of projects, samples, and test results that can be stored in the database. The database is setup to work across a network if desired, with each project stored in a separate directory.

A master project database is maintained by the program to track the status and locations of projects. This database contains the project number, name, and directory location.

Grain size analysis results for up to five tests can be plotted on a single graph. In addition, the grain size specifications can also be plotted on the graph. Classification system, fonts, colors, scales, line types, point types and titles can be easily customized for each graph. The classification system is plotted beneath each graph to provide easy comparison with sample results. Several standard classification systems are provided including:

  • USCS (Unified Soil Classification System)
  • USDA
  • International
  • Modified Wentworth
  • Australian

The sieve analysis can also have an optional legend block at the top or bottom which can be used to display sample information, classification results and grain size analysis results. A header is also displayed at the top or bottom of each graph which can be used to show a company logo or site map (stored as a bitmap and imported into the program), project name and number, borehole information, sample information or other text.

WinSieve is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000 and NT and supports all the fonts, displays and printers available in Windows.

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