WinTran - groundwater flow and finite-element contaminant transport model for dispersion, linear sorption (retardation) and first-order decay

WinTran Category: solute transport models - saturated zone

WinTran Overview

WinTran couples the steady-state groundwater flow model from WinFlow with a contaminant transport model. The transport model has the feel of an analytic model but is actually an embedded finite-element simulator. The finite-element transport model is constructed automatically by WinTran but displays numerical criteria (Peclet and Courant numbers) to allow the user to avoid numerical or mass balance problems. Contaminant mass may be injected or extracted using any of the analytic elements including wells, ponds, and linesinks. In addition, constant concentration elements have been added. WinTran displays both head and concentration contours, and concentration may be plotted versus time at selected monitoring locations. The transport model includes the effects of dispersion, linear sorption (retardation), and first-order decay. WinTran aids in risk assessment calculations by displaying the concentration over time at receptor or observation locations. You simply click to define an observation point and run the simulation. WinTran will display the breakthrough curves after the simulation is finished.

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