WMS - Watershed Modeling System - Public domain software, freeware version of WMS

WMS Public Domain Version

The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) can now be obtained for public domain use - free of charge!  This freeware version of the software will allow anyone to set up and execute a hydrologic model using the schematic set up option in the Hydrologic Modeling Module of WMS.  Features of the public domain version include:

 Choose to use HEC-1 (HEC-HMS), TR-20, TR-55, NFF, MODRAT, or Rational Method
     for hydrologic analysis.
 Create a complete model schematic including diversions and reservoirs with the simple
     ``hydrologic tree" tools in WMS.
 Use the full graphical interface to each model to enter model parameters, execute the
     model, and view results.
 The freeware version of WMS will increase your productivity by eliminating the need to learn
     complex file formats required for set up of the models listed above.  Further, the simple
     graphical representation will allow you and your clients to visualize the layout of the watershed
     and easily associate peak flow and hydrograph results to corresponding locations in the
 The public domain version does not allow use of the terrain modeling, mapping, or automated
     delineation modules of WMS.

To obtain a freeware license of WMS:

1. Download the Full Installation of WMS:
Click Here to Download...
2. Install the WMS software.
3. Start the WMS software.  Choose to ``Enable" the program when prompted in the WMS Welcome screen.  Choose to use a password to enable.
4. Copy down the nine-character, case sensitive security string precisely how it is written.  If the font is difficult to read, press the "DETAILS" button and the security string will be written phonetically.
5. Send the security string, along with Name, Company, Address, Telephone, Email, and the model you plan to use (HEC-1, TR-20, TR-55, NFF, MODRAT, or Rational Method), to
6. A password will be sent to you by email to enable the software.  Enter this password in the ``Register WMS" dialog and click ``Register Password" to complete the process.

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