Aquifer Test Analysis with Windows Software
William C. Walton

  • Simplifies and refines testing of complicated aquifer and well conditions.
  • Broadens and improves aquifer test analysis.
  • Supports on-screen interactive visual matching of type curves to aquifer test data.
  • Performs automatic calculations of water level corrections.
  • Allows you to easily create drawdown contour maps and to display aquifer test site features.
  • Displays aquifer test data and results quickly and easily.
  • Introduces methods for calibrating aquifer test site models.

CONTENTS: Aquifer Test Design. Field Data Processing. Aquifer Test Site Conceptual Model Definition. Well Hydraulics Model Selection. Aquifer Test Site Model Definition. Aquifer Test Site Model Calibration. Evaluating Results. AQUITEST User's Manual. Exercises. 320 pages. Published 1991.

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Aquifer Test Analysis
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International - $ 135

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