Groundwater Modeling Utilities
William C. Walton

Groundwater Modeling Utilities is a handy reference guide designed to help groundwater industry professionals learn to use a variety of microcomputer software applications for groundwater modeling and numerical modeling in flow and contaminant migration studies. Groundwater Modeling Utilities provides the following: (1) handy operation and logical reference supplements to selected groundwater models, preprocessors, postprocessors, geostatistics, graphics, CAD, and word processing software supporting documentation; (2) selected groundwater model operation practice exercises with extensive step-by-step input option prompt and response documentation; and (3) six convenient groundwater model database manipulation utility programs stored on two diskettes are included with this book. The disks can be used with all IBM-PC and compatible computers. The groundwater utility programs allow you to convert values from one system of units to another; interpolate between control data points on a curve or surface; calculate heads and partial-penetration effects in production wells; create, edit, and convert grid, triplet, listed, and unformatted model data files; and view tabular and category displays of model data files. Furthermore, Groundwater Modeling Utilities covers some of the most popular and thoroughly-tested public domain groundwater finite-difference numerical microcomputer modeling software; commercial modeling software; public domain geostatistics software; and commercial graphics, CAD, and word processing software. Using actual groundwater modeling specific examples, learn to work with software such as MODFLOW, MODPATH, MOC, INTERTRANS, INTERSAT, GEOPACK, GRAPHER, SURFER, CADD 5.0, and WordPerfect. 656 pages. Published 1992.

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Groundwater Modeling Utilities
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