Handbook of Bioremediation
Norris, Hinchee, Brown, McCarty, Semprini, Wilson, Kampbell, Reinhard, Bouwer, Borden, Vogel, Thomas and Ward

This book, Handbook of Bioremediation, provides information regarding the processes, application, and limitations of using remediation technologies to restore contaminated soil and ground water. Field-tested technologies are covered, and site characterization requirements for each remediation technology are presented along with the costs associated with their implementation. Many case histories are included. In addition to discussions and examples of developed technologies, the Handbook of Bioremediation provides insights into emerging technologies, insitu remediation systems, air sparging and bioventing, the use of electron acceptors other than oxygen, natural bioremediation, and the introduction of organisms into the subsurface. 272 pages. Published 1994.

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Handbook of Bioremediation
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