Hydrology, An Environmental Approach
Ian Watson and Alister Burnett

This text, Hydrology, An Environmental Approach, covers the fundamentals of hydrology and hydrogeology, taking an environmental slant dictated by the emphasis for the remediation of contaminated aquifers and surface-water bodies as well as a demand for designs that impose the least negative impact on the natural environment. Major topics covered include hydrological principles, ground-water flow, ground-water contamination and cleanup, ground-water applications to civil engineering, well hydraulics, and surface water. Computer modeling, essential in today's workplace, is introduced in a logical way that requires no previous experience with computers. A diskette included in Hydrology, An Environmental Approach is provided for a hands-on approach to learning. Explanations of theory and mathematical treatment are provided. 704 pages. Published 1995

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Hydrology, An Environmental Approach
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