Natural Groundwater Flow
Wouter Zijl and Marek Nawalany

Natural Groundwater Flow is for environmental physicists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers, mathematical geologists, and petroleum reservoir engineers. It is an important volume focused on providing a complete description of the groundwater flow velocity field and the velocity-oriented approach for conducting numerical simulations and other applications. Natural Groundwater Flow presents background information regarding the causes leading to spatial variations of the water table, related concepts of phreatic and specific storage, artificial flow, and flow driven by differences in groundwater density. Block-scale permeability is discussed in detail in Natural Groundwater Flow , and numerical applications using the Galerkin finite-element method and pre-modeling techniques for obtaining data required for numerical modeling are examined. Natural Groundwater Flow also presents never-before-published information regarding the theoretical justification and elucidation of hydrological systems analysis to analyze the effects of different spatio-temporal scales. 336 pages

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Natural Groundwater Flow
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