Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology
Christopher M. Palmer, Jeffrey L. Peterson, and Jerold Behnke

Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology presents a practical approach to completing contaminant hydrogeology investigations by stressing the basics of collecting data that can withstand regulatory scrutiny and get your client to remediation. The book examines the different parts of an investigation and is based on "real world" problems including client-consultant-regulator interaction, budgets, ethics, and data extrapolation for solving problems. Concepts such as field logistics, drilling techniques, sampling protocols, contaminant movement, and remediation are introduced in Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology.

Regulatory personnel; hydrogeological consultants; drilling contractors; remediation contractors; university instructors teaching geology, engineering or chemistry courses; and students will benefit from the wealth of information the Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology provides. 232 pages

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Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology
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