Composting and Recycling Municipal Solid Waste
Luis F. Diaz, George M. Savage, Linda I. Eggerth, and Clarence G. Golueke

This comprehensive guide, Composting and Recycling Municipal Solid Waste, identifies, describes, explains, and evaluates the options available when composting and recycling municipal solid waste (MSW).

An introductory chapter covers the nature of MSW and the importance of solid waste management programs and resource recovery. Chapter 2 discusses MSW storage and collection with emphasis on recyclables. Chapter 3 examines issues involved in determining the quantity, composition, and key physical characteristics of the MSW to be managed and processed. Other chapters of Composting and Recycling Municipal Solid Waste cover topics such as the steps required for processing MSW for material recovery, use of uncomposted organic matter as a soil amendment, composting and use of compost product, the marketing of recyclables, biograsification, and integrated waste management. 320 pages. Published 1993.

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Composting and Recycling Municipal
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